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Ultra High Pressure Pump cleaning systems 120 Bar 170 Lpm

Rp. 999
Last Updated
11 May 2023
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Ultra High Pressure Pump cleaning systems 120 Bar 170 Lpm

High Pressure Pump
Look for a wide variety of the widest selection of High Pressure Cleaner 120 bar to 170 bar HAWK pumps. Find the best and cheapest offers from the most complete suppliers on Indonetwork.
Sell ​​High Pressure Cleaner 120 bar to 170 bar HAWK pump | Quality High Pressure Cleaner directly from a reliable supplier. Call (+62 851-5632-4376) us now to get great offers!

What is a High Pressure Cleaner?
High Pressure Cleaner is a series of high pressure hot water or cold water cleaning tools that are ideal for applications in various industries. High pressure cleaners are used for daily cleaning of machines, vehicles, buildings. As well as removing stains, oil and grease attached to different surfaces.

Product Specifications:
• Non-corrosive materials used in pumps, fittings & pipes.
• 3 full ceramic pistons
• Long life seal.
• Stainless steel valve.
• Brass pump head with built-in by-pass
• Motor with overload protection with integrated elastic joint for best pump coupling .
• Safety panels

Product Advantages:
• Easy access for service and maintenance
• High durability
• 1 Year Warranty
• Free wearpack & Tool Kit

As a partner, PT Solusi Jaya will always provide services and consultations to customers, faithfully in terms of choosing and determining products that suit their needs at affordable prices.

Please contact us at (+62 851-5632-4376) which is available via call/WA/email listed. Immediately get promo prices and discounts for large orders to get maximum results in car washing.

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